What I have found on inspections?


A dirty furnace fan. This will limit the efficiency of the furnace causing it to work harder to supply heat to the house.
Missing caulk along trim. This could allow moisture to penetrate behind the siding and cause deterioration to the structure of the house.
Moisture leaking from the bottom of the hot water tank causing deterioration of the floor structure.
Exposed wires that have been damage. This could lead to electrical shock or shorting out the circuit.
Heat ducts need to be cleaned out, otherwise the running furnace will distribute throughout the house. This could also be a source of allergy issues.
Unsecured floor vents will allow heat to flow into areas it is not needed (like the crawlspace). It could also be an opening for rodents and insects to enter the house.
Bathroom vent not hooked up, which directs moisture into the attic. This could cause moisture issue in the insulation and attic area. The vent should exit out the roof.

Damage to interior door.


Deteriorated finish on the porch could lead to deterioration of the wood.